Devon's Glen Home Owner's Association
Architectural Review And Landscape Committee

Many thanks to Chris Druse for the excellent job trimming our 12 oak trees and 2 pine trees!  They look great after years of neglect and are now "hurricane ready."
Committee Members

The AR&LC Members as of April, 2019:

Manny Ramos

636 Ashbury Ave

Melbourne, FL 32940


For requests, please e-mail:

Posted to this page October 3, 2014
Homeowners who wish to have additions made to their property, or re-roof or repaint their property must submit a request for this work through the DGHA AR&LC to the Suntree Master Homeowners' Association (SMHA) Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  Copies of the instructions and forms required are below.
Below are the SMHA ARC Criteria, with the application form and instructions (posted November 3, 2018)
Below is the amended criteria for modification dated October 2010
Below is the SMHA Covenant Enforcement Guide (Posted June, 2018)