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Many thanks to Chris Druse and crew for an excellent job trimming the 12 oak trees and 2 pine trees in our common areas!!  They had been neglected for a number of years and now not only look great but are "hurricane ready." 
Thanks to EAC for fall palm tree trimming and clearing out the hill area behind Foxridge Place, an area that's also been neglected for years.
 All past due assessments have been collected except for one homeowner.
The community bulletin board is up and looks great.  Solar lights illuminate it in the evening.

Recently you received an anonymous letter asking for your opinion on a community bulletin board.  While only "old" in the sense that public notices have been historically successful for hundreds of years, this board would be anything but old fashioned and would include up to date information from Suntree, Devon's Glen, hurricane updates in the event of power loss, missing pets etc.  A CAP was set at $950 as the maximum to be spent - $9.78 per homeowner as a one time expense. The goal is to spend less, approximately $750, which breaks down to less than $8 per homeowner and would come from Devon's Glen funds.  The majority (5 of 7) board members are in favor of this effective means of keeping you informed.  Misty Creek has one very similar to the board we are proposing to install.  Some of the homeowners do not use computers, which makes this form of communication all the more vital.

To view  a response to the polling letter of June 14, please go to "Letters to Homeowners" and click on the pdf.  Thank you.

Many thanks to EAC for the great job trimming 106 Queen Palms on June 10!
Updated Suntree Master's Covenant Enforcement fine schedule and guidelines
Summer Newsletter June 2015
Our summer newsletter is posted below
Architectural Review and Landscape Committee (AR&LC) will start using the checklist that can be found In "Notices to Residents" to notify residents when they believe something needs to be brought to the attention of the owner in accordance with the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Devon's Glen, Article 10, Architectural Contols. (posted March 25, 2011)
Garage Sales: We have received several requests from residents to hold joint or community garage sales.  Unfortunately we have found that community garage sales cause severe traffic problems in the subdivision.  Individual garages sales are permitted.  We can post such sales in this website but do not think that would be veery effective.  However, the Suntree Master Homeowners' website is more visited They may post such notices. (posted March 25, 2011)

Parking Pickup trucks: The Suntree Master Homeowners Association announced by an e-mail dated August 8, 2010, that the prohibition against parking pickup trucks at Suntree residences overnight was cancelled effective March 16, 2010.